How to Join the IASIG

IASIG membership is open to all companies and individuals involved in interactive audio development. 

The IASIG uses "list servers" (automated mail forwarders, also called "mailbots" or "reflectors") which accept messages from members and rebroadcasts them to other members. Most IASIG activity occurs in Working Groups, and each Working Group has its own list server and a document repository.

When your IASIG Member application is approved you will receive a email asking you to confirm your email address. This message will also give you some background and details on the operation of the IASIG. Once you have confirmed your email address, you will be subscribed to the IASIG Email Forum List Server and can begin participating in discussions. 

You will also be able to select the Working Groups to which you will belong, by making a request to the specific working group Chairperson after you have been signed on to the master list.

To join, simply download and print the Membership Application (see link below), then complete and mail it to us along with your annual dues payment. If you are paying by credit card you may fax the application to (714) 736-9775.

Corporate Sponsor
Company Revenue Level (US$) Annual Dues Participants
0 to 1 Million $250 up to 3
up to 25 Million $400 up to 5
up to 100 Million $750 up to 8
up to 500 Million $1250 up to 12
over 500 Million $2500 up to 20

Note: Each additional email:

$50 1 person
Individual Member
Revenue Level (US$) Annual Dues Participants
All $50 1 person

The Individual Member class exists for composers, sound designers, and developers who want to contribute to the IASIG activities and would find Corporate membership an obstacle to participation. 

For both Corporate and Individual members, dues provide you with access to the IASIG email list(s) and the right to participate in IASIG discussions for one year. Memberships renew in May or November, whichever is closest to the original anniversary date.

Corporate Sponsors

One participant from your company should complete one Membership Application for all participants. When your application is approved we will contact you about putting your logo on the IASIG web site. 

Corporate Sponsors will have their logo and link displayed on the IASIG web site for as long as they are members. They will also have the opportunity to advertise and promote their company and services at IASIG events and in conjunction with IASIG services (press releases, mailings, etc.). Corporate members can have multiple participants, up to the number shown, at no additional cost. Additional participants can be added at the Individual Member rate.

Payment Procedures

Credit Cards: We accept MasterCard, Visa, and Discover cards. Please provide your card number, expiration date, the name as it appears on your credit card, the complete address where your card statements are sent, and your signature on the application form (below). You can mail the form to the address below, or fax it to the number on the form, or email it to the email address on the form. 

Checks & Money Orders: Make your check or money order payable to MIDI Manufacturers Association (and please mark “IASIG” somewhere on the check). Checks must be drawn on a US bank, and in US dollars, and have magnetic coding. Send the application and payment by mail to:

P.O. Box 3173
La Habra, CA 90632-3173

PayPal: We can send a payment request to your PayPal address. Please complete the application so we know what amount to request, then mail, fax, or email the form to IASIG as instructed above. You do not need a PayPal account to use PayPal, and they accept all major credit cards and other methods of payment on our behalf.

Existing Membership Renewals

If you recently received notice that your IASIG membership is scheduled for renewal, all you need to do is visit and make your annual dues payment via credit card using our secure payment processor. Unfortunately new applicants can not use our online processor to renew, but may use PayPal if desired.

Download IASIG Membership Application (pdf)

Corporate Sponsors